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crashed. Ted! Crashed in the garden!" www wigs com

Harry's head was swimming.

"Hagrid," he repeated stupidly, and his knees buckled.

The next thing he knew, he was lying on his back on what felt like cushions, with best wig outlet

a burning sensation in his ribs and right arm. His missing tooth had been regrown. The name brand wigs

scar on his forehead was still throbbing. peagan


He opened his eyes and saw that he was lying on a sofa in an unfamiliar, lamplit wigs with headbands

sitting room. His rucksack lay on the floor a short distance away, wet and muddy. A fair-

haired, big-bellied man was watching Harry anxiously.

"Hagrid's fine, son," said the man, "the wife's seeing to him now. How are you

feeling? Anything else broken? I've fixed your ribs, your tooth, and your arm. I'm Ted, by

the way, Ted Tonks , Dora's father."

Harry sat up too quickly. Lights popped in front of his eyes and he felt sick and


"Voldemort ,"

"Easy, now," said Ted Tonks, placing a hand on Harry's shoulder and pushing him

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